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The Floral Zone

The Floral Zone Photo1 The Floral Zone Photo2

The main area of the Flower Park where flowers bloom in unbridled profusion throughout the year.
This zone comprises an entrance gate, a mini-jungle, a flower valley, a corridor of flowers and fragrance, an indoor garden, a restaurant and a flower hall.

Dendranthema X

Dendranthema X 

Hydrangea macrophylla form

Hydrangea macrophylla form.

Cyrtostachys lakka

Cyrtostachys lakka

The Brilant Zone

The Brilant Zone Photo1 The Brilant Zone Photo2

An area where visitors can take in a breathtaking view and enjoy rare plants gathered from all corners of the world.
This area comprises a viewing gallery, a meeting area for people to gather and interact, a western-styled garden, themed gardens and a hibiscus forest.

Farfugium japonicum var.giganteum

Farfugium japonicum var.giganteum

Hibiscus hybridus

Hibiscus hybridus

Parantica sita

Parantica sita

This particular species of butterfly is well-known for migrating to the warmer south during winter

The Breezy Zone

The Breezy Zone Photo1 The Breezy Zone Photo2

An area where visitors can enjoy a gentle breeze amidst a forest of Japanese black pine.
This area comprises a forest of azalea, a garden of floral exhibits and a strolling path lined with flowers.

Lycoris radiata

Lycoris radiata

Prunus hyb.'izu no odoriko'

Prunus hyb.'izu no odoriko'

Papaver nudicaule

Papaver nudicaule